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תכנון סביבתי

We supply the most professional and accurate environmental data. As part of a planning team, we bring to the table the environmental aspects of the plan, the various effects of building a new neighborhood or commercial area - noise, air , radiation, solid waste,  ecology and  biodiversity aspects and more.   

We supply environmental data by mapping, surveying and analyzing - in the field and in the office.

Our services include: Environmental consulting & planning, Environmental project management, Ecological surveys, Data analyzing from the field, Municipal waste control and more.

"Svivot Yeuts" conducts environmental programs and plans for private sectors, for government bodies and for local authorities in Israel.

We could be your environmental consultants in israel

סקרי קרקע


Our customers build and work with a better environmental thinking , using the best available data. 

  • Ministry of Construction and Housing

  • Ministry of Defence

  • Municipality of Jerusalem

  • Municipality of Haifa

  • Municipality of Ramat-Gan

  • Municipality of Natherath Illit

  • municipality of Netivot

  • Municipality of Ramla

  • Municipality of Caesarea

  • Municipality of ofaqim

And more.

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