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solid waste management 

Treating the municipal waste became in the last years more than a service. Solid waste management is a key for municipal health,  Recycling Processes is a source of the future goods and materials, a source of energy, and a key for environmental education. Municipal solid waste (MSW) management saves a lot of money to the local authorities by adopting solid waste plans.  Svivot Ye'uts prepares Solid Waste Management Plans and optimization. Our plans helping building Municipal waste management strategy and giving "KnowHow" inputs for saving costs, improving services and for minimizing the environmental impacts of waste collection. 


חלק קטן מהמיכל נמצא מעל האדמה ורובו  שקוע

underground waste containers. The principal of "iceberg". Most of the volume is underground helping to maintain the space for other urban uses

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